Session 2
The Essentials of Selling with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Essentials in LeedsWe are all looking to find and engage with new prospects, to generate quality leads for our business and find the best ways to turn those leads in sales. Here we look at how LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, able to help us in each of the key phases in the sales process.

Building on the Personal Profile we looked at in session 1, we identify and explore the ways in which LinkedIn can help you create opportunities in the different stages of the sales process and develop a plan to achieve your targets.

We help you to:

* identifying the companies you want to target
* find the names of the right people to talk to
* leverage your business relationships to create warm introductions
* engage with prospects and clients to develop more business

In this information packed session, we look at:

* how the best sales performers are using LinkedIn to open up more opportunities more quickly
* ways to increase word of mouth and referral opportunities
* ways to listen and track your prospects
* 4 templates that every person involved in sales needs to create to be effective on LinkedIn

* Anyone involved in selling or developing new business from dedicated sales people, to sole traders and small businesses and all of the marketing and support staff working in customer facing roles

* Understand how to use the Advanced search to find the people we want to talk to
* Identify key stakeholders in the companies we are targetting
* Creating targeted referral opportunities
* Templates covering how to connect, get introductions and engage with prospects

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