Session 1
Creating your Ideal LinkedIn Profile & LinkedIn Blueprint

LinkedIn Essentials in CambridgeWhen I ask people how they use LinkedIn or what they want to achieve with it, more often than not I get the response that “Well, I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t really use it” or even more commonly “I don’t know HOW to use it”.

If that sounds like you, then don’t worry you are not alone!

In this opening session, we tackle exactly that issue and look at some key elements that will provide you with a framework to make your time on LinkedIn a success and help you take it to the next level with the tools at your disposal.

As our start point, we turn our attention to the key foundation block on LinkedIn that is your Personal Profile page and how to create one that really delivers for you and for your business, whatever the area you are focusing on.

As part of this we look at the key sections that you need to get to work for you, how to highlight your business messages and how to build in rich media (video, images etc) to make sure that it delivers the results you are looking for.

Bonus element: along with the slides you will also receive a 15 page document on “Setting up & Optimising your LinkedIn Profile”

* Anyone who wants to make better use of LinkedIn

* Framework to help you make best use of your time on LinkedIn
* How to use LinkedIn effectively
* Making the best possible 1st impression with Connections
* Creating the ideal LinkedIn Profile for YOU

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