Event description

The day is broken up into 4 sessions each covering a key business function of LinkedIn. It’s up to you whether you come for 1 or 2 sessions … or indeed if you want to stay for them all. It depends on what you wish to get out of LinkedIn and the day.

The individual workshops are aimed at people who wish to:

* Get more customers for themselves or their company
* Realise the power of LinkedIn
* Find the decision makers you need to talk to
* Get a marketing edge over your competition
* Understand how to use LinkedIn to recruit more effectively

All of the techniques we look at can be achieved with the free LinkedIn account and we will of course be focusing on the new LinkedIn interface, Personal Profile and Company Pages, all of which will be in place at the time of the workshop.

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool and over the past 6 years I have worked with 100s of companies and many 1000s of individuals on how to get the most from it for their own purposes.

But, so many times at the start of the workshops, I hear people tell me when I ask what they want to achieve on LinkedIn that “I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t really use it” or even more frequently “I don’t know HOW to use it”.

Today, we put that right.

The sessions will be seminar based using live examples on LinkedIn rather than hands-on so, while you can bring computers, it is not essential and indeed I find people miss things when they do.